Technical Support

Constantly working with Web applications, we developed a very strong team of technical experts. SASecurity’s system administrators have skills of server design infrastructure for projects with high load, they are working with the server environment for php, python, ruby ​​and java, as well as have experience of building cloud architectures based on OpenStack and clusters of distributed computing based on Apache Spark, Hadoop.

The presence of experts in DevOps allows qualitatively organize the work of developers, testers and technical specialists, achieving continious integration and continuous delivery.

All in one point

Only L2 support

24/7 Support

Full Monitoring


  • PHP, Puthon, Ruby, Java, Asterisk PBX
  • Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, nginx, Varnish
  • OpenStack, Docker, Apache Spark, Druid, Hadoop
  • MySQL, mongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Zookeeper,
  • Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • Zabbix, Nagios, Monit
  • ... etc.

We always know

We use MONITORING system in real time and are always aware of what is happening on all supported servers

You always know

Get the report in any convenient periods (daily, weekly, monthly) or request access to the performance dashboard for your servers


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